What Is the AKC Golden Retriever and Do I Want One?

The answer to this question is fairly straightforward. The AKC Golden retriever is the American kennel club Golden retriever. What it means is that there is a specific specification of a purebred golden retriever that your dog needs to meet in order to be registered. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a smarter golden retriever or a faster golden retriever or a friendlier golden retriever, it simply means that your dog is a purebred and falls into or matches the specifications that are laid out.

Why is this important? Well at some point if you wish to exhibit the dog or have the dog participate in AKC events. Typically a dog enthusiast or a serious hobby breeder is going to try to match his or her dogs as closely as possible to the AKC specification. This means the that the dog should hopefully do well in competitions.

It’s interesting to note however that there are actually some differences between the American definition of a golden retriever and the European definition. There is actually also a Canadian definition which follows more closely to the British one. As an example color is a main feature of the Golden. The AKC will accept colors that are close to red and mahogany. However, a lighter creamier color is generally frowned upon.

Conversely if we look at the European specification we find that the lighter creamier color is acceptable, whereas they read in mahogany tones of gold simply are not. It’s also worth noting that you can actually register your Golden with either kennel club and they will be accepted. They just may not do as well as the shows.

And that is the point that I’m trying to make. By and large the AKC Golden retriever is merely a specification. If you’re looking for a purebred for these purposes then it will be important to you otherwise it may not.

For example, if you are attempting to find a dog for your home and family then this is not necessarily something that should be of concern to you. Rather you should focus on the aspects of the dog that will properly and correctly match your lifestyle. This increases the chances that he will stay with you for long term. So its important to note the general characteristics of a golden regardless of whether or not you wish to register him.

In that vein, let’s talk a little bit about what a golden requires to be happy. Golden’s need a lot of exercise. Goldens need a lot of mental stimulation they need toys and games and things of this nature. They also have a tendency to chew, which means you need to have lots of chew toys to make sure that they don’t go after your furniture or your shoes.

They aren’t innately intelligent dog. Which means that they need to have some mental challenge but it also means that they are relatively easy to train. So if training a dog is something that you like to do or perhaps you envision your dog doing all manner of tricks than this is a good choice.

It’s also worth noting that golden retrievers make excellent service dogs. Again this is not necessarily a dog that would need to be registered in order to perform this function. The dog to just needs to be smart friendly and have a strong work ethic. The selection criteria does not necessarily include whether or not the dogs are purebred or whether not the dog can be registered.

However should you decide that you want to breed your dog or that perhaps one day you may want your dog to have puppies then AKC registration would be a smart thing to do if you want to track the lineage. It’s also worth noting though that your dog will need to have been a purebred in the first place. Also you will have to have had registration from the time he was a puppy his litter would have to be registered and his parents would have to be registered. You would also have to have proof of this.

So if this is something that you’re thinking about doing make sure that you address it up front with your breeder.

Golden retrievers are not watchdogs. So if you need a watchdog and look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for a very friendly fun-loving energetic dog and you have plenty of time to exercise him or her then this is the dog for you.

An Insight Into the History of Golden Retrievers

If you have been troubling yourself with the thoughts of where the wonderful golden retriever came from, then you need to know that there is an amazing yet great history behind its origin. This origin runs back to the 19th century way back in Scotland. The experts say that the British Noble known as Lord Tweedmouth is the creator of the breed. His motive was to get a dog that had good looks and also would be good at hunting.

Simply put, golden retriever is a resultant breed between Flat Coat retriever and the Tweet Water Spaniel. You may already know that Tweet Water Spaniel is no more. The cross breed of Tweet Water and Flat Coat brought about 4 puppies at the start which were named Ada, Cowslip, Primrose and Crocus. These were then crossed with bloodhound, Newfoundland and red setter breeds. Several years later, golden retriever emerged among the resulting breeds. This was now in 1900s. This breed was reputed for its personality of temperamental and the energy that a retriever dog should have.

In 1908, there was a Kennel Club show and this is the opportunity that Lord Harcourt took to let the public know about Golden Retriever. He is the one who gave this name to the dog breed although the registration of the dog breed was done by the kennel club. There is someone else who made history with this breed. This is none other than Mrs. Charleston who is better termed as an enthusiast of this breed. She made sure of one thing, that this dog breed was maintained for the purposes of being a pet in the home and also as a hunter. She went ahead and formed a club together with other enthusiasts of the Golden retriever breed in 1911. They named the club, The Golden Retriever Club. It is her efforts that enabled the registration of this breed differently by the kennel club and this she achieved in 1913.

This breed was first taken to North America and later to the other corners of the globe. Maybe you have realized how much this breed is famous among many people. Actually, the reason for the fame is solely because of the personality and the temperament of the breed. It is among the famous dog breeds today. If you have been searching for a perfect family dog breed, one that would be fine with your children as well, then this is the breed to look for. The coat of the Golden Retriever is now light although it was darker before. The breed has maintained his loyalty and friendly personality that is had since the beginning. It has also maintained its hunting skills and can still be trusted to help with hunting perfectly.

So, you really have no reason to have second thoughts about this dog breed. You will be able to enjoy its skills and the personality that has made so many people stick to it as their breed of choice. You should not be disturbed by the change it has had on its coat.

The White Golden Retriever Versus The Traditional American Golden Retriever – The Key Differences

For most dog enthusiasts, Golden Retrievers range from, light cream or a rich amber but the enlightened Golden fanatic is well aware that the differences don’t stop there. The White and American flavors of the Golden Retriever can be somewhat different physically.

Currently, a lot of names are used to depict the White Golden Retriever. Several of these include English Golden Retrievers, European Golden Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers, and light Golden Retrievers. In the United States these names are generally used to identify those that were bred in Europe as opposed to those bred in the US. Even though it may seem to be that the white Golden is unique simply in name and color, there are in fact many differences between gold and white versions of the breed. According to the American Kennel Club standard they ought to be golden. Both extremely pale or an exceedingly dark color is unwanted while the European standard calls for any shade of gold or cream but not red or reddish brown.

American Goldens and European Goldens differ in their figure. The white version often has a bigger mouth and a longer nose then the American version. Their bodies are also heftier and their heads are usually wider. According to the American Kennel Club, light colored eyes are satisfactory where the European Kennel Club exacts a penalty for lighter colored eyes. Another attribute where the two differ are their ears. The AKC wants their Goldens to have ears behind and above the level of the dog’s eyes while the European Kennel Club wants the ears at same level as the eyes. This likewise causes two thoroughly unique looks among these two standards.

The overall makeup of their coats differ between the American Goldens and white European ones also. Originally the Golden was bred to be a hunting dog. They were expected to be able to survive cold climates, squeeze through underbrush and swim across rivers and lakes. Their coats should be heavy but not extremely long and not too short. frequently, the American variety has a long coat that tend to be too thick.

People worldwide are in love with White Goldens as a result of its long list of adorable qualities. They are devoted, lively, intelligent, and love people. They are energetic, terrific with children and other dogs and are willing and ready to delight their owners. With an growing amount of names for the White Golden found it shows that the significance of this extraordinary dog is growing. The information shows that for years this distinctive breed has been increasing in the US. Even though they would not stand to win in any of the American Kennel Club shows, this beautiful White dog has entered the lives of the people here and has won over their hearts with their cheery disposition and their love for people.

Does the White Golden Retriever Really Exist?

From the point of view of the average dog lover there is not much difference between white Golden Retriever and any other Golden. However, in the past years the number of white Golden Retrievers has been growing steadily in the US. So what is actually the white Golden and does it actually exist at all?

Light Golden Retriever, English Golden Retriever, English cream Golden, British cream Golden, blonde Golden, European Golden, platinum blonde Golden or white Golden – there are the different manes that still refer to the same dog. But what does the Kennel Club Standard have to say about it? Well, there are several differences between American and British standards regarding this canine. And probably the most obvious is the color.

American standards call for Golden of all colors and shades, with too dark or too light being undesirable. British standards on the other hand allow any shade of gold or cream but neither mahogany nor red. Please note that neither standard allows pure white color. Of course all these differences do not mean that you can’t register your purebred British Golden with the American Kennel Club. However, it does mean that your Golden will not be able to take part in shows organized by AKC.

By the way, it’s not only about the color but also about the coat itself. White Goldens preserve more features of the original hunting dogs that had to deal with difficult terrains and cold weather and make their way across rivers and lakes. So the coal should be dance but neither too long nor too short. In comparison to British Golden their American cousins have too much coat and their fur is too long.

Naturally, color is not the only difference between these two types of Goldens. The British type has shorter legs and tail. Its mouth is bigger, nose is longer and head is more block shaped. The lighter amber color of the eyes would be fine with AKC while European Kennel Club would penalize it. Another reason for different looks between two standards is ears. While the European Kennel Club wants them to be at the same level as the eyes, the American Kennel Club defines the right position as well behind and above the eyes.

So as you can see there are many differences between these two types. However, it is also easy to notes that neither of the standards allows pure white color of the coat. In this case “white” is rather a name than a definition since absolutely white Golden Retriever can not be a purebred. Nevertheless, if you are not going to show your dog and you just want to own a white colored Golden Retriever it doesn’t really matter whether your Golden is a purebred or not.

And of course, no matter if it is a British or American type, you still get that famous Golden Retriever personality. Intelligent, always joyful and eager to please their owner they are incredibly fun to own. They are excellent with children, people and other pets and will be an excellent friend for you and your family.