An Insight Into the History of Golden Retrievers

If you have been troubling yourself with the thoughts of where the wonderful golden retriever came from, then you need to know that there is an amazing yet great history behind its origin. This origin runs back to the 19th century way back in Scotland. The experts say that the British Noble known as Lord Tweedmouth is the creator of the breed. His motive was to get a dog that had good looks and also would be good at hunting.

Simply put, golden retriever is a resultant breed between Flat Coat retriever and the Tweet Water Spaniel. You may already know that Tweet Water Spaniel is no more. The cross breed of Tweet Water and Flat Coat brought about 4 puppies at the start which were named Ada, Cowslip, Primrose and Crocus. These were then crossed with bloodhound, Newfoundland and red setter breeds. Several years later, golden retriever emerged among the resulting breeds. This was now in 1900s. This breed was reputed for its personality of temperamental and the energy that a retriever dog should have.

In 1908, there was a Kennel Club show and this is the opportunity that Lord Harcourt took to let the public know about Golden Retriever. He is the one who gave this name to the dog breed although the registration of the dog breed was done by the kennel club. There is someone else who made history with this breed. This is none other than Mrs. Charleston who is better termed as an enthusiast of this breed. She made sure of one thing, that this dog breed was maintained for the purposes of being a pet in the home and also as a hunter. She went ahead and formed a club together with other enthusiasts of the Golden retriever breed in 1911. They named the club, The Golden Retriever Club. It is her efforts that enabled the registration of this breed differently by the kennel club and this she achieved in 1913.

This breed was first taken to North America and later to the other corners of the globe. Maybe you have realized how much this breed is famous among many people. Actually, the reason for the fame is solely because of the personality and the temperament of the breed. It is among the famous dog breeds today. If you have been searching for a perfect family dog breed, one that would be fine with your children as well, then this is the breed to look for. The coat of the Golden Retriever is now light although it was darker before. The breed has maintained his loyalty and friendly personality that is had since the beginning. It has also maintained its hunting skills and can still be trusted to help with hunting perfectly.

So, you really have no reason to have second thoughts about this dog breed. You will be able to enjoy its skills and the personality that has made so many people stick to it as their breed of choice. You should not be disturbed by the change it has had on its coat.