Does the White Golden Retriever Really Exist?

From the point of view of the average dog lover there is not much difference between white Golden Retriever and any other Golden. However, in the past years the number of white Golden Retrievers has been growing steadily in the US. So what is actually the white Golden and does it actually exist at all?

Light Golden Retriever, English Golden Retriever, English cream Golden, British cream Golden, blonde Golden, European Golden, platinum blonde Golden or white Golden – there are the different manes that still refer to the same dog. But what does the Kennel Club Standard have to say about it? Well, there are several differences between American and British standards regarding this canine. And probably the most obvious is the color.

American standards call for Golden of all colors and shades, with too dark or too light being undesirable. British standards on the other hand allow any shade of gold or cream but neither mahogany nor red. Please note that neither standard allows pure white color. Of course all these differences do not mean that you can’t register your purebred British Golden with the American Kennel Club. However, it does mean that your Golden will not be able to take part in shows organized by AKC.

By the way, it’s not only about the color but also about the coat itself. White Goldens preserve more features of the original hunting dogs that had to deal with difficult terrains and cold weather and make their way across rivers and lakes. So the coal should be dance but neither too long nor too short. In comparison to British Golden their American cousins have too much coat and their fur is too long.

Naturally, color is not the only difference between these two types of Goldens. The British type has shorter legs and tail. Its mouth is bigger, nose is longer and head is more block shaped. The lighter amber color of the eyes would be fine with AKC while European Kennel Club would penalize it. Another reason for different looks between two standards is ears. While the European Kennel Club wants them to be at the same level as the eyes, the American Kennel Club defines the right position as well behind and above the eyes.

So as you can see there are many differences between these two types. However, it is also easy to notes that neither of the standards allows pure white color of the coat. In this case “white” is rather a name than a definition since absolutely white Golden Retriever can not be a purebred. Nevertheless, if you are not going to show your dog and you just want to own a white colored Golden Retriever it doesn’t really matter whether your Golden is a purebred or not.

And of course, no matter if it is a British or American type, you still get that famous Golden Retriever personality. Intelligent, always joyful and eager to please their owner they are incredibly fun to own. They are excellent with children, people and other pets and will be an excellent friend for you and your family.