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There is a saying
There is a saying that "education is the most glorious career under the sun." Today, with the rapid development of the market economy, education is basically a clean place. If noble, honest, and glorious are the most valuable pursuits in life, education, especially rural education, will change a lot, even a revolutionary mutation. In the years of education and teaching that I have gone through, in the small villages that I have traveled, the situation of young teachers from generation to generation with smiles, high morale, and large-scale influx of rural primary schools has never happened. Nowadays, our schools are still facing shortages of teachers, lack of young teachers, and unbalanced teachers' age structure. In the discussion with the inter-regional brother schools, this embarrassing rural education situation can be seen in any village in Hubei. As an aged teacher who has been teaching for nearly forty years, I am deeply worried about the current shortage of teachers in the village. In 1976, with the pace of recovery of the college entrance examination system, I was fortunate enough to enter the gates of rural primary schools as a young teacher. Under the guidance of the leaders of the schools, I quickly grew into a qualified and outstanding teacher. As the years passed, a new and energetic face appeared in front of me. Later, we became educational comrades who helped each other at work, cared for each other in life, and encouraged each other spiritually. The experienced teachers and outstanding school leaders have gradually faded out of my sight. Due to physical or age reasons, they have left the school and lived a peaceful and peaceful retirement. As one of the important leaders of the school, I also often take time to visit their living conditions after retirement. Every time they talk to them about students and teachers, they are still very talkative Online Cigarettes. From time to time, they always talk about which student they have been with, how they have been studying at school, what they are doing now, how they live, and I am particularly touched every time I hear this. They all said that "education should be a cause that the country must first attach importance to and give priority to." In the discussion after Comrade Deng Xiaoping's article "Respect for Knowledge and Respect for Talents", four percent of the annual economic aggregate of the country had to be invested. Going to education, after so many years, I still have not reached this standard. Since the launch of the ��Professional Education Program�� in our province in 2003, there have been one young teachers who have come to our school. The time for these teaching students to stay in the school is two years, and the shortest is only one month. In 2012, in order to stabilize the long-term development and lifelong teaching of students in rural schools, the teaching students have a brand new name ��special post teacher�� or ��new mechanism teacher��, whether in terms of salary, stability, or allowance benefits Cheap Cigarettes. There has been a lot of improvement. However, this kind of policy has been greatly changed in implementation. After deducting too much, the last remaining monthly salary is still less than 2,000 yuan. In September this year, the Party Central Committee and the State Council formulated specific regulations for the salary increase of the staff of various administrative units and institutions Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but did not mention the salary increase mechanism of the new mechanism teachers. It also caused dissatisfaction and even strikes of special teachers in most rural areas of our province. . In the new salary system of public institutions, the current salary of our old teachers can reach more than 3,400 yuan per month. Our generation of education comrades are sincerely grateful to the party committees and governments at all levels for their concern for the old teachers. In today's society where prices generally rise and living standards generally improve, young teachers still receive less than 2,000 yuan a month, and their life and development are also very worrying. Our school is an ordinary primary school in the western border of Hubei There are 93 students in the school, and there are only 11 school teachers plus leaders and even principals. The school recruited a young female teacher in 2012. Her family is our village and has been teaching here. In addition, the other teachers in the school are all over forty years old and take on different and heavy teaching tasks every day Cigarettes Online. It is said that the actual number of special post teachers recruited in Hubei this year is more than 8,000. Before the start of the school in September this year, the central school said that we had two young special post teachers in our primary school. We only received one young male after school. After the teacher came to the school, the principal and the school logistics director personally received it. When the leader told the school that he had no teacher dormitory for the time being, he was told to arrange for him to stay in the village committee for a period of time. Fan, then left the school with great sadness and a little cry. I was saddened to see him leave the back. He was just a rural child who had just graduated from college. There is also a teacher who has not even seen the figure. According to the central school, he applied for junior high school physics. During the training of the teacher's morality, he learned that the central school would transfer him to our primary school. After that meeting, the meeting will be I have never seen him, "Old and old, young, young, and young," if the young teachers who teach in rural schools are my children, I really don't know how to explain the ideal. The small situation of the village with such a large gap with reality. I have been teaching for 38 years, and I will retire in less than two years. In less than ten years, four teachers will retire. I don't know what kind of fate we will face in this elementary school when all the old teachers are "returning home."
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