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Electric Rail Grinder Supplier Made in China
Technical Parameters
1, motor
Model: Y2-90L-2
Voltage: 380V three-phase
Number of revolutions: 2840r / min
Power: 2.2kW
2, grinding wheel
Bowl type wheel: ∮ 110 × ∮ 22 × 55mm
3, the spindle speed: 2840r / min
4, wheel span: 1000mm
5, grinding wheel travel: 50mm
6, the whole quality: 54kg
7, Dimensions: 1500mm × 630mm × 760mm
The scope of application
GM-2.2 electric rail grinding machine for 43kg / m-75kg / m rail weld, uneven joints, rail side fat side, rail welding and other parts of the grinding. It has the advantages of high operation efficiency, good grinding quality, easy operation and convenient operation of the upper and lower roads. It is an essential tool for overhaul, maintenance and repair of railway.
Working Principle
How it works: GM-2.2 electric rail grinding machine, with the motor as the driving force, the guide key to pass to the cup wheel to produce rotary motion, through a feed hand wheel to adjust the grinding wheel feed, so as to achieve the purpose of grinding rail.Electric Rail Grinder Supplier Made in China

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