The Features of a White Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers actually come in several different shades of color, from rust through to white. Those bred in America tend to be of the more golden to rust colorings, whilst those bred in Britain and in Europe are much lighter in color. But that is not the only varying feature between the different breeds in the countries. What is interesting is that the American Kennel Club has quite a strict attitude towards the color of the golden retriever and other body features as well.

Purebred white golden retrievers can be registered with the American Kennel Club, but in essence there is a lot of difference between American and European golden retrievers. To differentiate between the various colors the lighter colored goldens have been given many different names.

The American Kennel Club will accept many different shades of golden, but they do not like the extreme in color to either white or very dark golden, whilst the European Kennel Club will accept the palest of golden they will not accept the red or mahogany color golden retriever.

The ideal coat of a retriever.

Regardless of color the basic coat of the golden retriever is much the same. It was a bred to be a hunting dog and it was required that they could run, swim and withstand the wet and the cold climates. The ideal coat for a hunting dog was thick hair, but not too long or too short. Over time the American goldens seem to have developed a thicker coat and quite long at that. Goldens do get trimmed to make a tidy coat, but not trimmed back to make a short coat.

The different physical appearance of the two breeds.

The European retriever does tend to have a stockier body, a head that is more block shaped, a larger mouth and a longer nose. Another feature desired by the European Kennel Club is that the ears are the same level as the eyes and they do not accept the lighter amber eyes that can be in some of the American goldens.

The American retriever’s body is not so stocky and the American Kennel Club (AKC) requires the ears to be well behind and above the level of the dog’s eyes which when comparing the look of the two dogs, does give quite a different appearance. The AKC does also allow the goldens to have lighter colored eyes, even to a lighter amber color.

The golden retriever has a wonderful friendly disposition and more and more families are taking them on as family pets. The color choice between the white golden retriever and other shades may be affected by where you live and if you can get the shade that you want. Their nature is lovable, friendly and adoring of their owners. Children just love them and the dog returns that love unconditionally, making them the ideal family pet dog.