The Rare White Golden Retriever Becoming Quite Common

It is easy to recognize The Golden Retriever breed by their shape and color which can range from almost white to the red-mahogany coloration. The once rare European white Golden Retriever is becoming quite common and more popular.

The dog community recognizes what lineage is typically associated with the various colors of Goldens. The white Golden has many other names that have been given to them. Among the most popular are; British cream, blond, platinum blond, and light. These varieties of colors are used to identify the difference between the Kennel Club Standard for British and the American bred Goldens.

We now know that there are a great variety of colors in this breed and there is a connection between the American bred dog and the European bred with the white coat being the most recognized. In fact, while some do not recognize the white coat as a purebred. But the American Kennel Club will register them as a purebred dog. Standards for Golden Retrievers in America demand the golden color but allow for the various shades. Other than white, the severe dark or light color is unwanted. However the European standard allows for any of the gold or cream colors.

While many of the attributes of all types of this breed are similar, there are some differences between the various types. As an example, there is a difference in the consistency of the European and the American breed. White Goldens typically have shorter coats that are not as full. Also, they normally have a different body construction than their American counterpart. Both Golden bloodlines have distinguishable differences in their mouth and nose with the White being larger. Square heads and larger bodies are also normal with them.

The American Kennel Club allows for lighter amber-colored eyes compared to the European Kennel Club where such a feature would be penalized. Dissimilar ears are noticeable between the bloodlines. The European and the American Kennel Clubs have a difference of opinion on what position the dog’s ears should be; the Americans want them to be higher and behind the line of their eyes and the Europeans want to be on the same line as the eyes. The Kennel’s requirements have created quite a distinguishable physical attributes between the bloodlines.

The white Golden Retriever is becoming increasingly sought after by families and individuals because of its bright, easy going personality with children and adults. It is a very affectionate dog. The American Kennel Club is not going to give them any show awards but they are becoming a loving part of many families in America.